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   Deanery Council  


The Deanery Council shall have one voting delegate for each parish of the Deanery, although additional representation is welcome. The other pastors and associate pastors of the Deanery shall be ex-officio members but shall not be entitled to vote.  ​The Dean may invite certain at-large members, not to exceed four, to provide representation from significant groups in the Deanery. Each Parish  strongly urged to appoint at least one voting delegate to the Deanery Council.   The Regional Dean shall appoint two persons (one male and one female) as delegates to the Archdiocesan Pastoral Council for a non-renewable term of three years.  Each such delegate shall be an ex-officio member of the Deanery Council with voting privileges (unless such Pastoral Council delegate also has voting privileges as a parish delegate to the Deanery Council).   ​The officers of the Deanery Council shall be the following:  Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Recording Secretary, and Corresponding Secretary. The Chairperson shall chair all regular and special meetings of the Deanery Council.  The Vice Chairperson shall assist the Chairperson, chair all regular and special meetings of the Deanery Council in the absence of the Chairperson and shall succeed to the office of Chairperson in the event of a vacancy.   ​The Recording Secretary shall keep accurate minutes of all regular and special meetings of the Deanery Council.   ​The Corresponding Secretary shall mail copies of the minutes to all members and shall send reminder notices of the meetings, ordinarily at least a week ahead of the scheduled dates.   All of the above officers shall have two-year terms.  Ordinarily they may be re-elected once to the same office.  Elections shall be held every two years in the spring.   When a vacancy occurs in offices other than that of the Chairperson, the Vicar shall appoint a replacement as soon as possible to complete the term.   ​
​The current officers are:
: Kapo Kasanda
Vice Chairperson: Rocco Magnotta
Recording Secretary: Danielle McAuley
The highlights of the minutes of the Council meetings will be  regularly published on this page

Minutes of October 4, 2016 meeting:
·         Kapo opens meeting with member introductions and circulates evening’s agenda; Monsignor Ferry leads us in the Prayer of St. Francis and St. Mother Theresa’s Prayer

​Msgr. Ferry reported leadership changes at certain of the 28 parishes within our Deanery and explained various titles and term lengths for the positions

Msgr. Ferry shared priorities for the deaneries:

Monsignor Ferry discussed the importance of each site having/maintaining a current website as a tool for communicating with parishioners; he shared that each parish had a one-year free subscription to Formed, a Catholic Netflix of sorts. Visit for additional information

Kapo discussed the need to develop/finalize the 2016-17 Action Plan and review the mission statement at the next meeting. Each Cluster will have a mission statement. Our clergy coordinator is Msgr. Ferry
Rocco suggested that objective #1 should be revamped and offered his edits to Kapo.

​Kapo suggested that we have guest speakers on a variety of topics at our meetings. Names/topics mentioned were:
Gail shared notes from the September Lay Archdiocesan Pastoral Council meeting were shared

​Upcoming meeting schedule discussed:
Everyone was asked to bring samples of their bulletins to be circulated among members
The meeting was closed with a prayer by Monsignor Ferry

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