Deanery Constitution  

As Amended and Adopted

​as of March 5, 2013    


​Article I – Name  

​This organization shall be known as the Central Westchester Deanery Council, hereinafter referred to as the “Deanery Council.”    

​Article II – Purpose  

​The parishes that constitute the Deanery Council form this body for the purpose of sharing information, experience and resources on problems and tasks of common interest; working together on area concerns that cross parish lines; serving as a liaison between the parishes and the Archdiocesan Pastoral Council; assisting the Regional Dean of Central Westchester; and collaborating with the Clergy Conference on matters of pastoral concern.  

​It is not the purpose of the Deanery Council to establish policy for the individual parishes of the Deanery; however, this does not preclude the Deanery Council from presenting recommendations to the Clergy and/or Parish Councils of the parishes within this Deanery.     

​Article III – Membership  

​The Regional Dean, appointed by the Archbishop Ordinary, shall oversee all meetings.  

​The Deanery Council shall have one voting delegate for each parish of the Deanery, although additional representation is welcome.  

​The other pastors and associate pastors of the Deanery shall be ex-officio members but shall not be entitled to vote.   

The Dean may invite certain at-large members, not to exceed four, to provide representation from significant groups in the Deanery.   

​The Regional Dean shall appoint two persons (one male and one female) as delegates to the Archdiocesan Pastoral Council for a non-renewable term of three years.  Each such delegate shall be an ex-officio member of the Deanery Council with voting privileges (unless such Pastoral Council delegate also has voting privileges as a parish delegate to the Deanery Council).    

​Article IV – Officers  

​The officers of the Deanery Council shall be the following:  Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Recording Secretary, and Corresponding Secretary.  

The Chairperson shall chair all regular and special meetings of the Deanery Council.  

​The Vice Chairperson shall assist the Chairperson, chair all regular and special meetings of the Deanery Council in the absence of the Chairperson and shall succeed to the office of Chairperson in the event of a vacancy.  

​The Recording Secretary shall keep accurate minutes of all regular and special meetings of the Deanery Council.  

The Corresponding Secretary shall mail copies of the minutes to all members and shall send reminder notices of the meetings, ordinarily at least a week ahead of the scheduled dates.  

​All of the above officers shall have two-year terms.  Ordinarily they may be re-elected once to the same office.  Elections shall be held every two years in the spring.  

​When a vacancy occurs in offices other than that of the Chairperson, the Dean shall appoint a replacement as soon as possible to complete the term.    

​Article V – Quorum  

​Representation from eight parishes shall constitute a quorum for the deliberations of the Deanery Council.    

Article VI – Voting  

​As much as possible, matters before the Deanery Council shall be decided by consensus. 
If necessary, however, matters may be decided by the affirmative vote of a majority of those present who are entitled to vote.  For purposes of this Article, each parish shall be entitled to one vote, no matter how many representatives are present.    

Article VII – Committees  

​The Chairperson shall appoint a nominating committee in election years at least a month in advance of the elections.  As needs arise, the Chairperson
​shall appoint other committees.       

Article VIII – Elections  

​The officers enumerated in Article IV shall be elected in May or June of the year prior to the commencement of their term.   

The nominating committee shall nominate candidates for each of the offices listed in Article IV.  The report of the nominating committee shall be provided
​ in conjunction with the April or May meeting.  

Additional nominations may be made from the floor.  

​When there are two or more candidates for an office, voting shall be by secret ballot.    

Article IX – Meetings  

​Normally the Deanery Council shall have eight regular meetings in the course of a year.
  These meetings shall normally be held at regular intervals, generally monthly, from October through June, with the exception of January.  Traditionally meetings are held on the first Tuesday evening of the month.  In collaboration with the Dean, the Chairperson shall determine
the exact number of meetings per year.    

​Special meetings may be called by the Chairperson, with the approval of the Dean,
at any time if the matter or matters to be acted upon appear to require attention before
the next regular meeting.    

​Article X – Adoption  

​This Constitution shall be adopted by the affirmative vote of a two-thirds majority of those entitled to vote at a regular meeting of the Deanery Council, provided that the text of the Constitution shall have been mailed with the notice of the meeting at which the Constitution is to be acted upon.  

​Upon confirmation by the Regional Dean, the Constitution shall take effect.    

Article XI – Amendments  

​This Constitution may be amended by the affirmative vote of two-thirds of those present and entitled to vote at any regular meeting of the Deanery Council, provided that the text of the proposed amendment, or the text of the Constitution as proposed to be amended, shall have been mailed with the notice of the meeting at which the amendment or amended version of the Constitution is to be acted upon.  

Amendments must also be confirmed by the Regional Dean and shall take effect upon the confirmation by the Dean.     

​Article XII – Parishes in the Deanery  

​The Parishes in the Deanery are:                        

Assumption                              Tuckahoe  

​ Corpus Christi                           Port Chester                        

Holy Name of Jesus                  Valhalla

  Immaculate Conception             Irvington

​ Immaculate Conception             Sleepy Hollow

​Immaculate Conception             Tuckahoe 

Immaculate Heart of Mary          Scarsdale

The Magdalene                          Pocantico Hills  

Most Holy Trinity                       Mamaroneck

​Our Lady of Fatima                   Scarsdale

Our Lady of Mercy                    Port Chester

​Our Lady of Mount Carmel         Elmsford  

​Our Lady of Mount Carmel         White Plains

Our Lady of Perpetual Help        Ardsley

  Our Lady of Pompeii                 Dobbs Ferry  

​ Our Lady of the Rosary              Port Chester

  Our Lady of Shkodra                 Hartsdale

Our Lady of Sorrows                 White Plains  

  Resurrection                              Rye  

​ Sacred Heart                             Dobbs Ferry

 Sacred Heart                             Hartsdale

​ Sacred Heart of Jesus               Port Chester

​St. Anthony of Padua                West Harrison

St. Augustine                            Larchmont  

St. Bernard                               White Plains   

​St.Gregory the Great                Harrison

St. John the Evangelist              White Plains       

St. Joseph                                Bronxville  

​ St. Matthew                               Hastings-on-Hudson  

St. Pius X                                 Scarsdale

St.Teresa of Avila                     Sleepy Hollow

​ St.Vito                                     Mamaroneck
Sts. John and Paul                    Larchmont

​Transfiguration                          Tarrytown

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